Kevin L

Kevin Languasco

Hi! I'm Kevin.

I'm a Peruvian engineer currently working at Haystack News, a streaming news app for cord cutters with millions of users.

I previously worked at La Positiva Seguros, an insurance company, and got a Bachelors in Mathematics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, doing an exchange semester at the University of Oklahoma and taking PhD-level classes in the Summer Program of the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA) in Rio de Janeiro.

I'm passionate about learning new things, no matter the field. For pretty much my whole life I've been interested in music (a new obscure music genre I can casually bring up in a conversation? Yes please!), computer stuff (OK but how does WiFi actually encode data in the air?) and philosophy.

My programming language journey can be summarized as follows: I'm the Python guy who was happy to leave the complexities of C++ behind, only to end up using type hinting everywhere after a few years. Now I'm in the process of getting comfortable with Scala and Rust to get the full experience of a strict type system. On the way, learned some TypeScript too.